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The Technology

The proprietary Art X transfer platform is made possible by our partnership with Yaliyomo! and their blockchain-based, content management platform. ArtXtransfer leverages this secure, fully traceable recording system to give complete visibility to artists, curators, art world professionals and collectors who need to confirm a piece’s authenticity, ownership, provenance, clear title and to collect and distribute Artist’s Resale Rights.

The art world is faced with serious enormous content pressures. Here are some use cases:


Digital Content Integrity

Forgery is a well-known problem in the art world, but the growth of unauthorised prints and digital copies is eroding buyer confidence.

Buyers and collectors need a way to authenticate their purchases and prove provenance.


Copyright Protection

One of the biggest challenges for digital artists is protecting against copyright infringement. The growth in digital media in particular means that artists are increasingly losing out online.

Widespread unauthorised use of copyrighted material threatens the livelihood of artists and those who show, host and sell creative pieces.


Your own digital gallery

Manage your complete artwork inventory, artist profiles, contacts, collection catalogues and easily proof authenticity with a touch of a button.

By keeping secure records of all your pieces in blockchain network.

Our Technology allows us to ensure the following :

Product identification & Integrity


Visibility & Insight

Blockchain-baked NFTs provide 100% validation of authenticity – regardless of medium – and give artists, sellers and buyers a single, auditable source of information.

Blockchain databases are immutable, and our system is supported by a top 100 Blockchain infrastructure.

ArtXtransfer gives artists and sellers the ability to track sales and ownership in a new way, opening up new insights into buyer behaviours. 

Improved communication channels

Revenue Potential


ArtXtransfer opens new opportunities for communication between artists, sellers and consumers. Our dedicated platform creates a new community of art lovers, strengths relationships and improves the buying experience. 

By bringing artists and galleries closer to consumers, protecting reputations, restoring trust through NFT registration and collecting and distributing ARR Royalties, ArtXtransfer protects creative incomes and creates new revenue streams. 

End users/consumers and all stakeholders within the value chain are empowered to verify product quality and provenance.

ArtXtransfer is the next evolution in art collecting! Contact us now to see how the Y™ platform can work for you.

The Power of Y

ArtXtransfer leverages the power of Y™ , the world’s first Content Management Platform leveraging the blockchain infrastructure to provide 100% security and untenable content depository where all stakeholders within the value chain, from manufacturing point to all the way to consumer, can access, track, leverage and syndicate it. Enabling TRUST and COMMUNITY building– for products and services – in way that is 100% secure & reliable which helps all stakeholders to eliminate inefficiencies and drives business growth. 













Y™ has been developed with multi-million dollars of investment and support from global experts to develop a new kind of CMP – one that leverages the advantage of blockchain technology to create the world’s most powerful content tool – simply, it is the new world standard in content management. 

Combining unrivalled security with a powerful data storage and analysis system, it allows brands to optimise processes, cut waste and maximise growth. 

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