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For artists, galleries and museums, protecting the integrity and value of creative artworks.

How It Works 

Art X Transfer makes art transactions easy. Sellers cover the ARR royalty, transferring certificates of authenticity to buyers' wallets, which also note the ARR percentage.


Galleries upload their inventory and a digital twin is created for certificate of authenticity


When the artwork is sold, the certificate of authenticity moves to the buyer's wallet. This includes a clause that sets the ARR percentage

Resale Rights

To transfer the certificate of authenticity and ownership, the seller covers the ARR royalty fee. ArtXtransfer handles the collection of this fee and ensures that artists or their estates can easily claim it.

Kateryna Korbylianska


What is resale rights ?

Resale rights are like special privileges for artists who create visual and graphic works. These privileges let them earn money when their art is sold again for a higher price in the art market. So, whenever their art gets resold through deals made by art market experts, these artists have the right to get paid.

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